Access Control

Seamlessly secure all of your entrances, exits and visitors with one access control system.

Safety Is Priority

The importance of building security is always a concern for businesses in any industry. Innov8av is there to help make sure that your people, property and information remains safe.

Systems That Work For You

A commercial access control system does more than just lock and unlock doors. It provides you with a peace of mind knowing your entry points are secure.

Control your entire building or just specific areas within. And limit access to those areas by date/time or by employee.
Forget your key card? Cloud access systems allow you to open doors with your mobile phone.
Set up automatic door schedules, holiday schedules, and management to save time.
Visitor management support allows you to both identify and log every person that enters your building.
Simple to use interfaces allow you to easily control your system, regardless of your level of technical expertise.
A system can also help managers if they have disputes with employees over their weekly hours. Combining access control with video gives you complete tracking of your employees. Knowing the exact time of day, they entered and left the building.

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